• food 3 commercial convection ovens
  • induction & electric burners
  • commercial food processors
  • 60 second commercial 20 qt. mixer
  • 20x12 foot walk-in refrigerator
  • 14x12 foot walk-in freezer
  • 2,000square feet of dry storage
  • gluten-free room
  • microwave
  • 3 hand sinks
  • on-site staff for once-per-week deep cleaning in addition to client cleaning
  • pest control
  • utilities
  • largest sized recycling dumpster on-site
  • on-site professional, degreed (BFA, TCU) food photographer (nominal fee)

we have all you need for success!

Our commercial dishwasher cleans and sanitizes a load in 60 seconds! This allows you to not only ensure your wares are health-compliant, but being able to do them quickly and on-site means you have more free time...or more time to market your business rather than handwashing your dishes!

Austin Kitchen Commissary

austin's only fda-inspected 7,500 square foot food facility

How we can help

We are exposure you don't expect.  Our facility has been utilized for shows for The Food Network 3 times, and we have introduced store buyers who come to us looking for new products to our commissary clients for presentations many times.  We also offer a degreed on-site food photographer (BFA, TCU) and marketing expert. for a nominal fee, if needed.

When we can, we try to get you seen and get you work, at no charge to you.

It is a team that helps us all grow as Austin businesses

get more for less

Whether you have a new food idea you are just trying out, or are an established caterer, or whether you are a restaurant looking for more kitchen space, We offer more.  More room to spread out means you get more done. In fact, you'll never enter our Austin kitchen commissary and beverage factory ready-to-work only to find no room for you, because you can pre-schedule your blocks of time in advance, online!

More equipment means you get more down-time as well--time not spent, for example, having to haul dirty dishes or wait for loads to be done. Our commercial dishwasher cleans & sanitizes a full load in just 60 seconds!

Our large space means you are not paying more for overhead because we are able to have more shared businesses under one room, dispersing the cost.And, because you save more the more hours you book, as you ramp up your business here, you make more profit!

$200 Security Deposit for Food Commissary

10-hr./month minimum.

(**For food truck simple gray water dumping and fresh water fill-up from our filtered water system, the cost is $99 per month**)

The more hours you book per month, the more you save:
Rates per hour per month:

91-100 hours per month: $13

81-90 hours per month: $14

71-80 hours per month: $14.50

61-70 hours per month: $15.50

51-60 hours per month: $16.50

41-50 hours per month: $17.00

31-40 hours per month: $18.00

21-30 hours per month: $19.00

11-20 hours per month: $20.00

10 hours per month:      $23.00

Electricity Charges will apply if client brings in equipment needing additional electricity

We offer thousands of square feet for dry storage. A fee will apply for on-site storage.

On-site degreed food photographer at discounted rates.


Insurance:  A certificate of insurance will be needed at all times for those in the commissary kitchen.  This should show a minimum of $1,000,000 commercial general liability insurance with The Culinary Factory listed as an additional insured.