• A non-disclosure is signed & YOU maintain all ownership of your recipe.
  • Recipe is received & discussed with two samples provided by client.
  • Fees are received
  • You receive full consulting on your product & ideas for improvement & marketing
  • We help to procure packaging
  • We secure contracts for delivery of all raw ingredients needed
  • R&D begins
  • Initial sample is made on-site by staff
  • You approve sample or suggest changes.
  • Product is sent out for lab testing (shelf-life, etc.)
  • Product is analyzed for nutritional panel
  • An ingredients statement for the label is made
  • We create approximately 20 gallons of your product for samples and for marketing to buyers
  • A quality control plan is written for the brand.

**Although a price estimate can be given initially, once The Culinary Factory has received all costs on the actual ingredients being used, including the packaging chosen by the client, a cost to co-pack the product will be quoted in writing to client. These items are required to know the true cost.


take your brand to the next level

who uses a co-packer?

why choose  the culinary factory?

the process

Is it time to take your recipe to the next level?  We are The Culinary Factory: Austins largest Food Commissary & Commercial Kitchen.  Do you want to spend your time marketing your product rather than making it?  We work with grocery buyers across the world because the brands we manufacture have traveled the globe in placement. So let us help you!  From Whole Foods National to local stores like Central Market and HEB, to  grocers in Australia and England, we want to watch you grow!

Our on-site chef can work to reformulate your recipe, if needed, to reach a wider market, (or even develop new recipes along the way for your line.) Whether that means allergen and gluten free, or reworked so that  it's all-natural or shelf-stable, we aim to do all we can to ensure your target market is broad, while the taste remains.

Due to our large size, and the more ways we help you with your product development, most people think they would have to pay more to use us.

To the contrary, because we are one of the few fully automated co-packers, with some of the best high-end automated equipment, we can make more in less time, and saving on labor costs means you save too!  We have larger kettles, automated fillers, automated labelers, and all the things you need to produce efficiently in this time where technology means savings in time and money.

  • Someone with a new idea who needs help taking it to the next level
  • Food Trucks & Restaurants who want to bottle or package one of their big sellers for consumer convenience & more profit
  • Food businesses that want to spend their time marketing, selling, & growing rather than cooking & packaging
  • Chefs that want to save money by utilizing bulk labor
  • Careful business owners who want a facility that keeps up with FDA rules & regulations to be in compliance
  • Companies that want savings through bulk purchasing power of ingredients & containers
  • Brands that want an on-site chef to help formulate & regulate their recipe
  • A company that wants a co-packer that has connections to national buyers
  • A brand that wishes to get into major stores and needs a facility already inspected and certified by them (this is not required by all grocers, but some of the largest, such as Costco.)